Individual Project for Android Class
Fall 2014

Handshake is an android app that helps biker navigate without having to look at their phones. It does so by providing haptic feedback for turn-by-turn navigation

Problem Space

I noticed bikers having trouble navigating to places using current navigation apps. Mounting a phone on the bike makes it extremely difficult to read from a distance. Riding a bike with earphones plugged in is dangerous.
I noticed that bikers would ride for a certain distance, stop and look for directions and then continue cycling. They would repeat this cycle till they reached their destination. This cycle of stopping every time is frustrating and I wanted to change this experience, I wanted the biking to be more enjoyable, hence I built handshake.

Concept Idea

The user enters the start and destination address in the app. The app would then get data from Google navigation APIs and parses out the geo-coordinates for each turn. The phones GPS is also being sampled with every location update. If the phone GPS is less than 5 meters of a turn's geo-coordinate, an appropriate turn signal is sent to the glove over Bluetooth. These gloves vibrate based on the turn signal sent to them, for example right glove vibrating would indicate a right turn.


Building It

User Test

The main things I learnt from the user test were that there are too many wires in my device, which isn’t very comfortable to carry around. It would also be nice to indicate turns to drivers behind the cyclist. To address these problems, I decide to embed my device a jacket instead of a glove. The jacket could conceal all the wires; also have turn indicators on the back that would blink while turning.


Final Product

What other people had to say

As a cyclist, I found this to be a practical app idea to improve safety and convenience
Great idea and implementation,Nice wearable
Useful application and nice integration with HW, Incredible amount of effort and it paid off
Really impressive use of hardware & application, graphics look pretty
Hardware integration seems very useful,Clean up this wires and you could definitely prototype this!
Different from others. I loved how it went into the wearable technology field, and the effort you put into it is obvious!
Nice job going beyond the confines of a phone! Love it!