Team project for Interaction Design Fundamentals
Fall 2014

Sesh is an app that allows EMTs to record the medication that was dispensed on the last run and view the status of the ambulance’s inventory levels. This app communicates with weight sensors under each medicine tray in the ambulance medicine cabinet and continuously tracks when medications have been dispensed or refilled. At the end of a run, EMTs verify the amount of medication dispensed and send a report to the back office, a task that used to be tedious and error prone. Sesh makes this process simple, allowing them to focus on the big things, like providing the best care for their patients.

Final Screens


We began by learning the about ambulances and their drivers/attendants.

Affinity Diagramming

Brainstormed ideas from our research study and field visit and sorted into groups, based on their natural relationships, for review and analysis.

Impact vs Feasibility Study

Rough wireframes

We choose the Inventory Management app idea and began to create rough wireframes to express our conceptual model of the app and its features.

Flow map for Inventory Management App

We then focused on flow maps to find potential break points. It also helped us iterate our app design process to depict the flow from one screen to another.

Digital wireframes

Digital wireframes to provide screen blueprint as a visual guide to represents the skeletal framework.

Screen Alernatives

Prototyping Interaction with Framer