Kick Flick

Concept redesign for a trashcan

Health-care activities, protect and restore health and save lives. But what about the wastes and by-products they generate? Safe disposal of sharps and small quantities of biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste is a requirement for clinics, physician offices, dental offices, acupuncturists, veterinarians and other healthcare providers.

Biomedical waste is distinct from normal trash or general waste, and differs from other types of hazardous waste, such as chemical, radioactive, universal or industrial waste. Medical facilities generate waste hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials. Such wastes maybe infectious and require proper disposal with minimum human contact.

Kick Flick is a redesign concept for trashcan in hospitals. A user presses on a pedal to open the trash when he wants to dispose something. Once it's time to empty the trashcan, with a just a kick the trashcan will wrap up the trash. This ensures safe disposal of sharps and infectious waste avoiding without coming in direct contact with a person.